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    When I moved into my present home there was no breaker chart that described which breaker fed what. Don't have a tracer so I spent a couple hours using the kids (then age 10 and 12) as runners and we mapped out all the circuits. I then created a template in MS Excel of my 40 circuit panel and made a nice chart which now hangs inside the door. If I ever make a circuit change in the future it will be easy to revise the chart and post a new one.
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      Originally posted by PhilG.
      I hope you are having fun re-labeling them!

      I wish people would take pride in their work and do things right! (Like labeling the panel, preferably with a label printer) I'll try to have a good thought for you while you're having this much fun! Enjoy!
      I'll also be adding an outlet outside next to the AC's since the outlets inside are still two pronged and the only grounded outlets are in the kitchen. Then we can also get some outside lights to shine on the 8' table i made for them.

      In my dads house we are still repairing (at his pace) all the problems. I've helped with plumbing/roof/phones/electrical/framing/...etc...
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        more wiring idiocy

        Here's another couple for the "what were they thinking list":

        When we bought our current house it had a mobile on the property. The main house is fed into a 200A panel; a 100A subfeed goes to a panel in the garage; and from there another 100A subfeed went to the mobile. Plus the previous owner had a couple of 40A circuits in the garage for his welder and compressor and who knows what else. Bad enough, but when someone ran the wires to the mobile they used two nice fat 6AWG? wires off the hot feeds but instead of a third wire of the same size for the neutral what did they use: a 12/2 romex cable with the three wires (black/white/bare) twisted together at each end. When I openned up the subpanel about 3 inches of the romex wire to the mobile was charred. Thankfully the mobile was long gone before I found that.

        Another gem: I went to add an outlet to master bathroom as there wasn't one anywhere near the sink. Thought I'd tap into the line feeding the light above the vanity. So I open up the switch box and light box, and hmmm, where the heck is the white wire?? Seems some genius had used the bare ground as the neutral wire to the light. After several days of crawling around in the attic and cursing I finally figured out what they did and got everything rewired properly.