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Help ..... fan lights buzzing

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    Rocky Mountain Sparky i think you are missing a few numbers on your liscence nothing came up. Can you give me a link to your State department?
    My number is missing in action.
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      That's the website. It's screwing up for me, not allowing me into the search area because of a "Data Encryption Error" message. I was going to give it a shot with a different browser.

      I just double checked, I have my number right: *****.

      I'd take a picture of the license in my wallet, but it's pretty well worn too!

      edit to remove license number. I figure it's been up long enough.
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        Okay, here I am. Link removed by RMS 3/12/06

        Internet Explorer had a hard time with the site. Netscape works, though.

        Edit to add:
        BTW, nice to meet you, Jeff!

        I forgot to address an issue:

        As for 36 Volt look at the member list and you can find some of his posts. He came across as condescending and rude in his responses and made others a bit touchy as well as me.
        Let me say publicly, for the record, that with the exception of the occasional verbal abuse dished out to questionable characters such as the MD guy, and this "swoosh" character, I do not mean to insult people when I post.

        I have benefitted greatly from internet forums, and I do not hold my knowledge or experience over anybody. Much of what I have learned has been from the kindness of people sharing information with me, and I look forward to sharing what little I know with a new community.

        So if I say something that looks offensive: Look twice. It probably was not my intent. It seems as though several people are on their guard when they get here. Hopefully, as time goes on, we can all kick back with a cold one and relax!

        I can't wait to show you guys my horrible plumbing work!

        Edit to remove link. I figure it's been up long enough.
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          I've spend a few minutes reading through this thread and came across something that interested me (as well as several things that entertained and/or distressed me):

          By Polar Sparky 1224:
          I have seen some so-called vibration bulbs. I think they were GE they cam with the fan i was installing
          There are several companies that offer "fan lights" that supposedly reduce burn-out due to excessive vibration of the filament. I've always stayed away from these assuming they were similar to standard bulbs repackaged with a higher price. Does anyone have any information on these bulbs?

          Just a curious homeowner, not doing any wiring but not wanting to get ripped off by some marketing group.


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            TO cjh20: In regards to your question about the ceiling fan bulbs, Yes, I use these all the time with every ceiling fan I install. They fit inside the glass globes perfectly. They have a heavier duty filament. Plus they do seem to last longer due to they are vibration resistant. In my opinion they are worth the extra $1-1.50.


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              Buzzing ?????? Maybe Bees...............


              Sounds like someone installed a Light dimmer instead of a fan control in the wall switch? Unless the fan is wired with a 3 wire enableing the light and the fan to be switched seprately.Then the fan can be switched and the light can be dimmed by its own controls. if not when you dimm the lights you are slowing the fan down causing it to buzz..................................

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                The lights and fans have individual wiring and switches.

                Bob R


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                  do u have 3 wire ran to the fans or are u having to pull a string to switch the fan and light seperate ??? if so then i would not recommend any type of dimmer switch the best way to do what you are trying to do would be with a 3 wire ran to the fan/light so that you can use a fan control on the fan and a dimmer on the light this should stop the humming


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                    Re: Help ..... fan lights buzzing

                    ya thats right maybe you change the bulb with the heavy duty bulb..
                    Ceiling Fan Reviews


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                      Re: Help ..... fan lights buzzing

                      Wow nothing like upping a 2 year old thread.