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    Hi I just replace a 240 volt water heater element in my rental property. the air handler had leaked water on top of this unit a week before. the tenant call and said no hot water. I turned off breaker and install new 240 /3000 watt element. hooked up wires to same. turned on breaker to check, and could only get 120 volts from screw from element and grounding to tank, open up wire connection box saw water sitting in this location, dryed out and removed wire nuts to expose bare wire turned on power to check voltage. show at 30 volts. reconnected with new wire nuts and still get 120 volts at element to tank ground. the breaker is a two 20 amp on a single throw switch. Do you think this is a bad breaker shorted out by water leaking into wire connection box?

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    Check the voltage across the the 2 connections on the element. Should read 240v or close to that. Each leg is 120v and checking to ground will only show the leg your on.
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      I will suggest to do this check the voltage on heating element screws you should get 240 volts [ just becarefull with live connections ]

      and if the heating element is working propely you should hear the heating element warm up the water just like on electric stove with tea kettle warming up

      if you get 120 volt from each side of line [ leg or phase ] then you should able get 240 across but best location to check the voltage is the thermosat connection .

      this is a single or double heating element water heater ??

      let me know i have a trick with this

      Merci , Marc


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        when I check voltage from element screws. I get no voltage reading. only 120 volt when I ground to tank .


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          DO you have 240 across the breaker? 240 at the wire nuts connecting the water heater? If yes to both then your tank thermostat is likely cooked