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Under Cabinet Accent Lights - code question

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  • Under Cabinet Accent Lights - code question

    Sorry to keep asking questions every week... but I know this is a great place to get em answered.

    I am installaing accent lights underneath my kitchen cabinets. They are the kind that have long extension cord lines that can be cut to any length then all plugged into a central extension cord that then goes to an outlet. These come in 3 packs from HD. They are just the little circular surface mount kind.

    My question. I have 9 of these (3 packs) that I want to install total and I want to bring all of them back to the same outlet. I dont think they are made to be daisychained but I dont have enough length to bring all of them back to a central location and plug all 9 into a strip. Is there any way to splice them all together without violating code?



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    If you can find some shallow boxes, (that are not too obvious when screwed to the bottom of the cabinet) you can make splices in there and put a blank cover over the box. You may want to look for shallow "wire mold" boxes. But if that doesn't work you'll just need to find a way to make all the little extension cords work for you. Unless the sets do have them...
    Having splices out in the open is just an accident waiting to happen.
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      Thanks Polar, I went to depot last night and bought some boxes. I want to do everything nice and proper. now I just need a stupid right angle drill for drilling between my cabinets. I am gonna go check around the building and see if someone has one in their office.



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        Ridgid makes a right-angle drill Josh, you should check it out
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          Rt. Angle Drill attachment

          Hey Josh,
          Vermont American makes a rt. angle drill attachment. Sells for about $30 with the chuck. It's a light duty piece in that it will definitely do what you need. I wouldn't try hogging out 2x6's with an inch and a quarter ship auger with it though.
          Milwaukee also makes a right angle drill attachment that sells for around $40 if my memory serves me right. They show it using a spade bit so it can handle a reasonable amount of torque. All you're going to need is about a 1/2 inch twist drill (or even smaller) to make your holes between cabs. Either one should work for you without having to go to the expense of buying yourself a dedicated rt. angle drill. If you can borrow one, great, but these are some low cost alternatives if you can't find someone who has one to loan out.
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            Originally posted by Josh
            Is there any way to splice them all together without violating code?
            I would recommend adhering very closely to the manufacturer's instructions.
            110.3(B) Installation and Use. Listed or labeled equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling.
            Without seeing the lights in question, that's about all I can offer.


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              Well the project is complete and everything ent together very well. Looks great and functions great.

              Manufacturers instructions stuck pretty close to the bringing 3 lights back to the extension cord. I wanted all 9 on the same circuit so I decided to box em up.

              I know we make a right angle drill but its a big heavy duty machine. I needed something small and tight.

              I may or may not be compliant with code but It sure as heck looks like I am.

              Thanks guys,