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Running composite video cable and speaker wire

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  • Running composite video cable and speaker wire

    Not a true electrical question, but here goes. I have a friend who has purchased a new 42" plasma TV. He wants to wall mount it and have nothing under it on the wall. He wants to run the cables and such horizontally to the entertainment center a bit down the wall. I suggested in the wall, down to the baseboards, behind the baseboard to the entertainment center. Now, bearing in mind how much he just dropped on the plasma, he doesn't want to spend the extra to get the longer Monster Cable interconnects. Any ideas from you Sparkies on how to do a horizontal run in existing wall without removing a 1' horizontal strip of drywall?
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    If it is an inside wall (not insulated) you can go about 5 feet by opening holes that will be hidden by the TV and the entertainment unit then drilling through 3 studs with an installers bit (long and flexible) or spade bit with an extension from both sides. Any chance there is a closet on the other side of the wall? just drill back into the closet run across and then back into the room


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      yes that is a good idea that wbrooks had but be sure to look on both sides of the wall before you do that and make sure there are no receptacles in the rooms so you don't drill through any wires then you have a mess


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        I cringe every time I hear how much some poor guy just spent on Monster Cable. It's not that it's bad, just WAY overpriced. I wire TV and radio stations, video post production houses, high-end boardrooms etc with bulk RG-59 (.16 per foot) and 22/2 shielded (.07 per foot) As far as running the cable horizontally, either like wbrroks said, you could open up a hole that will be covered by the plasma mount that will allow you to drill through the studs on either side. Flexible drill bits are available to go through a small hole, like for a clock-style outlet for the plasma power. What you said about behind the baseboards would work too, if you don't mind ripping up the baseboards. Or, if there is an attic above, you could go up over and down (that's the way I'd do it) but then you're looking at longer cables....good luck.