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New mailbox w/low voltage light

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  • New mailbox w/low voltage light

    We want to install a new curbside mailbox, the old box is showing its age and the wood post needs to be replaced.

    I'm looking at a cast aluminum box and post and also thinking it would be nice to have a low voltage light connected to my driveway lights mounted on top of the post.

    The mechanics of mounting the light is not a problem. I am wondering if anyone sees a problem with mounting the light on the metal post from an electrical safety point of view. I don't see it as any different than the lights I already have installed which are metal, it's just taller (the mailbox post that is).

    Does this present any risk to the mail carrier or us when we retrieve mail from the box and the light is energized, providing there are no exposed conductors, proper terminations are made, etc.

    Just thought I would ask before I go and get material for this honey-do.
    "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006

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    bob, last time a plumber asked an electrical question, they chased him out of dodge maybe the moles got him

    i don't see anything wrong with a low voltage lite. maybe the postal carrier knows if there is anything illegal with an electrified metal mail box plus seems like most carriers wear rubber gloves now

    plus i doubt if the mail comes after dark anyways.

    maybe you can mount a wireless detector inside the box to let you know when the mail arrives.

    i still get the mail through the wall


    bring back "plumber"
    phoebe it is


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      Thanks Rick,

      I was going to put a web cam inside the mailbox so I can see when the mail is delivered while I am at work
      "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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        If it were me, I'd run the wire up inside the pipe to protect it. Also, even if it were to short against the pipe, it's only 12V right?


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          otter, don't you have a hose bibb to fix

          web cam= big brother and black helicopters

          what next, chips under the skin

          i guess if it's good enough for man's best friend, it's good enough for me

          phoebe it is


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            Yeah, I was kiddin about the cam of course, but it is possible. Could use one of those 12V wireless cameras

            I had planned to run the wire up the inside of the post. Seemed like the best way to protect the it from the string trimmer and whatever else comes along.

            I have a buddy who did a little surveillance in his neighborhood to catch some drug dealers who had moved in and were working down the street.

            He rigged up a camera in his mailbox that fed a VCR in his garage. He had the power to the camera connected thru a X-10 module in the garage. With a wireless remote he could switch the camera and VCR on/off at a moments notice and grab footage of the dealers as they came and went. He had it setup where it would capture the license plates as they drove by, then catch the transaction. After about 6 months he turned over roughly 35 hours of tape to the cops who used it to convict 8 people, impound their vehicles, and took the house.
            "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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              so thats how they knew i was at that house HAHAHA

              JUST KIDDING

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