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Simple wiring question, hopefully!!!

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  • Simple wiring question, hopefully!!!

    I do a little remodeling on the side and I have a question for you electricians. I have seen some wiring like this in past but not enough to know exactly how it works. I have a switch that runs a bathroom light fixture and I would like to jump a receptacle off of the switch for the bathroom. However, there is only one wire (12/2) in the box. The white wire has been coded as a black. Normally, I see black wires in the switch and the whites twisted together with a nut and stuffed back into the box. If I run a receptacle off of this I only get nominal power. Is there a way to tap off of this switch to get a full 110v or do I need to go to the light fixture? I am not very well versed in wiring so any help will be appreciated.


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    the quick answer is, you need to go to the light fixture.

    basically all that you have now in the switch box, is a hot and a hot switch leg. that's why it's taped black. you are using the lite bulb as a resistor and that's why it's not full voltage.

    since it's in romex, you'll have to be a little creative to get a set of wires to the box. hot, neut, and ground.

    i guess since it's in a bathroom, it's fair game for the plumbers to answer

    phoebe it is


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      is there an attic above this bathroom if so this is an easy fix what about a basement where is the panel ???