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100A Service Panel Preferences?

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  • 100A Service Panel Preferences?

    I'm replacing a 100A fused panel with a breaker type, (need more branch circuits, and two ponys have already been added) and wondered if anyone has a brand they prefer. I've used Square D in the past, but not as a retrofit. Has anyone found one manufacturer's to be easier/faster than anothers? Square D used to be "king", but as we all know, sometimes quality slips, companies with good products get bought out and new designs replace old ones.

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    I like the siemens products. Made in Canada and they seem to be almost half the cost of the others. I have used them as pony panels in my garages with no problems in several years. The breakers are in good supply unlike federal pioneer, which my builder used.


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      I use square d homeline regularly and have had no problem with them with the sole exception of the arc fault breaker recall a couple years back.


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        I've used almost every brand of panel out there. I prefer Square D QO, little expensive, but the breakers actually trip in a fault. Siemens has a fairly good product, their QP panel is nice because the neutral bar is down the sides, rather than all crammed together at the top. I've had some problems with the Siemens breakers not tripping at times, even when the hot and neutral are spliced together. Don't ask why they were spliced together!


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          Siemens was the pick!

          ...and the install went suprisingly smooth. Thanks for the input! I did really like the neutral bus running down both sides- I found it neater and much easier than running the neutrals to the top.
          I was a bit disappointed with Siemens NUPACK panel and breaker package. It said it included two 20A "kitchen breakers" which I mistook to mean 20A GFCI breakers. At $75 a pop individually, I wondered why the whole package was only $188!
          It's a bit embarassing to tell your client that the materials cost just jumped by 95%...