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whats going to replace copper?

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  • whats going to replace copper?

    ok lets face it copper is really expensive now, and eventually ou supplies will run out. Aluminum could be used again but it has the prone to be a problem again.

    There has got to be something to replace copper that is cheaper/better to use.

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    Well, from what I remember in college, your list of best and going downhill from there goes something like this: silver, copper, gold, aluminum, calcium & tungsten. I may have missed one or two before tungsten.

    As you can see if you trust my memory, Silver is the best conductor we have but like gold and the other , its just not practical to use.

    I personally dont even speculate where the market is going, but I do not look for copper to go anywhere (but up in price), I do believe it will eventually settle. I would not hold my breath for the $30.00 250' roll of 12-2 w/ground however.



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      We could follow the lead of much of the world and double the voltage, thus cutting the copper content of wire in half. Would be a big undertaking.