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Dimmer switch runs receptacle

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  • Dimmer switch runs receptacle


    I have a room with a dimmer switch that operates the overhead light as well as an receptacle in the corner of the room. I do not want the switch to run the outlet. Is it possible to unconnect the outlet to switch so that it is always on? If so could someone explain it or point me to somewhere that could? Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum. If you are not familiar with the basics of wiring you should likely get an electrician to do the required changes.
    You may be in luck because many times only the top half of the outlet is switched. If this is the case you can remove the outlet and replace it with one that does not have the tab broken between the two brass hot screws. You will need to remove the wire that went to the switched portion of outlet (top or bottom plug) and replace the rest of the wires onto the new outlet. You also need to trace the switched wire back to the source where it is energized (the switch or the light) and disconnect it. You could just put a wire nut on the switched hot in the outlet box but it would be safer to deaden the wire.
    If the entire outlet is switched take a picture of the inside wiring and post, there are too many variations to type out, unless there are only the one set of switched wires, then you need to feed the box from another source
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