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  • Dimmer switch

    i recently installed a 3way dimmer switch and a remote dimmer. When i dim the lights the lightbulbs emit this ringing sound.

    Any suggestions?

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    singing light bulbs

    I am assuming you are controlling incadascent bulbs here. What is happening is your dimmer switch is most likely pulsing the power on and off rapidly, which is causing the bulbs filament to vibrate at an audible frequency. The first thing I would do is buy a better quality lamp, hopefully it has a heavier filament which will take care of the problem.

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      Thanks for the reply, and yes the cans have incandescent bulbs in them. I will try a better quality bulb, as you recommended, and hopefully that will alleviate the prob.



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        Also be sure the check the wattage rating for the dimmer switch you installed, this would be the total wattage of all fixtures controlled by the dimmer switch. you dont want to get a switch with too low or too high of a wattage capacity.

        This is the cause I find in most DIY installed applications that have problems. (most people don't know that dimmer switches are wattage rated!

        Good luck.


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          Originally posted by CheekyMonkeyWrench
          i recently installed a 3way dimmer switch and a remote dimmer. When i dim the lights the light bulbs emit this ringing sound.

          Any suggestions?
          Your can lights usually have a 65 Watt max limit and most dimmers i put in have 600 watts. These dimmers also have tabs you can break off the sides so that you can have a few dimmers next to each other.

          Installing a dimmer switch with the power on will ruin a switch (not saying you did that) You may have some bad switches if all you connections are good and the lights still buzz.
          I'd see if 130v lights make a difference.
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            but polar sparky not sure if you know this breaking off those tabs will cause the dimmers to heat up ( and i know all dimmers heat ) but those tabs are there to take absorb the heat from the dimming and breaking those tabs will reduce the wattage you can safely dim