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finding a new switch for my jigsaw/sabresaw

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    You have the old switch, figure out what wires are connected in the various switch settings (including the diode), Go to any of the suppliers listed above (even Radio Shack - Source now) should have a switch like Bob posted. You likely wont find a 3 position switch with off at the top but you should easily find a double pole double throw with a center off. Wire it up so that with the switch up the wires are connected via the new switch that made the saw run on high with the old switch. With the new switch down wire it up so that the wires that were connected on the old switch in low speed are now connected via the new switch. So now you have switch up = high speed, switch middle = off, switch down = low speed. If you wire the double pole switch across both switches you are in effect using the two switches in parallel and doubling the rated amp capacity. If the above is not clear I can make a house call, Pickering is on the way home most nights, beer on you


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      Are there only two wires that go to the switch?


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        I looked at the source, but they had no slide switches. I also checked HD, TLC, and a few local shops. Nobody seems to stock slide switches. The switch was wired orginally as off - low - high (wires slots being Empty, Black wire, Red wire). The black wire was coming from the power source and wentering the switch in slot #2. The red wire was leading from the switch to the jigsaw motor (slot #3). Slot #1 was empty. There is also a white wire feeding from the power source and then pigtaling in the handle and running to the motor (no surprise).

        The diode connects slot #1 and slot #3. Isn't thay weird? Logically i would think it would be #2 and #3, right?


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          Nope not weird, thats what I figured. The diode is 1960's variable speed.

          When in high the switch shorts red to black. When in low the diode is inserted between the red and black effectively cutting the voltage supplied to the motor in half. What the diode is doing is blocking the top half of the A/C waveform.


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            finding this switch, even an on-off-on swith it the proper amprage is getting frustrating. This is due mostly to the fact that the canadian websites don't list the amperage rating on their switches. I'll have to wait until tomorrow and contact customer service via telephone.

            What does Double Pole mean when purchasing a switch? What about Double Throw?
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              Good explanation with diagrams here

              You really only need a single pole double throw with an off position (usually center) 4 Amp switch.

              If you can't find that a double pole double throw center off 2 Amp (or more) switch wired (by you) in parallel will give the equivalent of 4 Amp power rating.

              You want me to have a look for a switch while I'm at work tomorrow, the places I mentioned are just down the road.


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                another option would be to forget the low speed and just use a 2 position switch (no off) use up for off and down for on or vise versa


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                  Newark Electronics lists over 70 DPDT slideswitches
                  Give them a look see if you haven't already.

                  This one made by C&K looks like it could work for you.
                  Newark p/n: 08C7970

                  Manufacturer: C & K

                  Manufacturer Part No.: S602031SS03Q
                  Description: Switches, Slide Switch FunctionPDT; Contact Rating:6A
                  "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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                    If i get a single pole double throw, will that give me an off position? The siwtch would click from low to high, but there would be no off position, correct?

                    If i use a double throw double pole, that would give me an off position in the center right?

                    Technically, what is the pole and throw combination of the switch i am replacing? (no - lo -hi)

                    Thanks for all your help Bob D. and wBrooks, this is becoming a great learning experience!
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                      The switch you have would be a single pole, sort of double throw, but more like 3 position switch.


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                        Well I think it is time I made the decision to get a new jigsaw. I was noodling around with it today and I think the chuck on this old beast is just about to go too. Its time to retire this old relic and get a new one I suppose.

                        I was thinking of the new 6A bosch model or perhapds the Freud thats on sale for 149.99 CDN @ HD. Suggestions?


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                          well you got to give credit for all the help wbrooks and bob d. gave you. the pictures were good too.

                          eventually it's time for a new tool

                          looks like the right decision.

                          hate to see the extended cost in man hours for this posting

                          i have a few saber saws on the shelf for the same reason. dead

                          phoebe it is


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                            Yes i agree PR, bob d and wbrooks were excellent resources. Thanks guys!


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                              Sometimes it best to just say Goodbye

                              Sorry that the old beast could not be brought back to life, but sometimes it is best to let them die. When you get your new saw (may I suggest the Bosch 1590EVSK) you will be sorry you didn't kill that old jigsaw off long ago :-)

                              Whatever make or model jigsaw you end up with, consider using Bosch blades, I don't think there is a better choice out there in jigsaw blades. If anyone knows of one speak up please.
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                              "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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                                i still have the saw, but i threw the switch out. Drop me that guys email and i'll send him some pics