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    I am helping my mom, she had her gas lamp post converted to low voltage some years ago. I re-built the harp no problem. here is where I need the help, the light runs off the door bell transformer. That is either 16v or 24v? I forgot to look, but I need to put a photoeye in line to shut the thing off. I can find plenty 12v photo eyes for your common landscape lighting. If the transformer is 16v can I use a 24v photoeye and will it work properly? Sorry for sounding so stupid, but I want to fix it right.

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    I'd recommend you look for a 12VAC "Class 2 Transformer" from a lighting supply house. The Depot might have them, too.

    Get all matching transformers, photoeyes, and lights for a given voltage. That will work well.

    The doorbell transformer is likely 16VAC. All things being equal, it would be better if the doorbell transformer is left to just the doorbell, and the new transformer does the lighting.