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  • Hunting for best spot lighting

    Can anyone tell me what is the best spot light recessed can light fixture and lamp bulb to use in a new kitchen????
    I need high efficacy. Kitchen is U shaped with 7 recessed lights going around half of the U (sink and stove area). 2 center lights for island and 3 lights on the other side of the U for cabinets and refrigerator. Can anyone tell me what they have used and found very good and especially what wattaged used. Some of these fixtures use only 13w and that seems very small. I'm not sure if I'll get enough light out of those. So, that's why I decided to ask all of you. What is your experience. By the way, Kitchen is 14 x 12. Thank you

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    Home Depot and Lowes both sell recessed lights and have displays of the possibilities. I like the small ones, you buy the can and trim together (I think the HD product id is "H2" but not certain. They trim out and look nice. They take a spot or flood bulb that's about 2-1/2" across. I use the 50W bulbs. Generally I put 6 of these in a kitchen. They look good and work well.

    Note: These small fixtures are not rated for insulation contact. If you are insulating the ceiling above the kitchen you cannot use these. Then you will need to use the larger rough-in cans, and get ones that are IC (insulation contact) rated. This is not an issue for me becuaus there is generally a second floor above the kitchen.


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      Check your codes first

      I'm just finishing up a remodel of my home. The 1st part of the job, a room addition was inspected and my can lights which were IC rated passed. When I started on another room with a different permit I was forced to use AT (air tight) can lights due to title 24 changes.

      Check with your building department escpecially if your getting inspections prior to buying and installing your lights... No fun to pull them out if they are the incorrect model.
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        Thanks for the replies

        Thanks for the replies... I had not heard of Air tight cans before so I looked them up. I was very concerned about using recessed lights because I'm using spray in foam insulation and I read where you couldn't have any insulation around the can. This AT sloves that problem. I cut down on the amount of fixtures I once had. I read where they should be 5 to 6 feet apart and I had them about 3' apart. I chose CFL's 28w and AT cans. We'll see if that flies since I took the plans back into the planning dept this morning. Thanks again for the info..


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          i have an 8ft ceiling with 3 cans adjacent to a living room that has a cathedral ceiling. So much darn cold air comes through them because they are basically in the attic. they are probably around 18yrs old. will the AT's take care of alot of the draft, after they are well insulated?

          Do AT's come in the smaller sizes?



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            I use the 4" low voltage cans with halogen bulbs quite a lot. They are available in flood and spot. I get them from the local electrical shop. The lights are long lasting and there is a low voltage dimmer that works with the low voltage cans.


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              we use progress p-87 recess cans they work great and are rated for direct contact with insulation and you will find that the trims go up tighter against the ceiling are are much easier to work with than anything you will buy at home depot or lowes sorry guys go with something from an electrical supply house on this one we put 65 watt indoor flood bulbs in them but if light is a concern for you i would go halogen bulbs they work great