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Old house - need more circuits

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  • Old house - need more circuits

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and this is my first post here. I have an old house (close to 100 years) it is devied in to 2 apartments, one I live in. my problem is that the second and 3rd floor are underpowered. I discovered this at the begining of last summer when I tried to use two window a/c units at once. I have 3 breaker panels in the basement of 100 amps each. one sevice for each apartment and one for comman uses. the house is also solid brick construction.

    for my apartment I have a 30 amp breaker for a dryer, a 20 for a freazer and a 20 for a washer that are in the basement. upstairs I only have one 15 amp that runs the kitchen and a 15 amp for the rest. no outlets in my bathroom and only one in the dining room and that is a floor outlet, which I am not comfortable with.

    I had a friend who is an electrican off me some help to add more to it in 2 stages. what the plan was is like this buy 12/4 UF and run it out with the main service cable up to the rear balcony. then use outdoor rated junction boxes to devide it off to the rooms and fish the wire insde from there to the second floor. Then later come back and run 12/2 uf up to the 3rd floor to add more power there. one problem is I can't find 12/4UF anywhere.

    what I want to do now is 2 runs of 12/3UF for the 2nd floor and a 12/2uf run to the 2 rooms 3rd.
    the cable will be routed through wiremold once inside so I don't have to do too much demo to the plaster walls. I also want to put up some outside lighting up, nothing more than a coach light at the front and rear doors.

    am I going about this right or is there a better way?