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Metal vent from Furnace

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  • Metal vent from Furnace

    I have a gas fired forced air furnace in my shop. The vent goes up through the drywall ceiling and out through the roof. I get a whole lot of cold air coming down around the cut-ot in the drywall ceiling. Is there any way to seal this up? I also have the insulation held back in the attic.Thanks

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    take 2 pcs of metal bigger than half of the pipe cut half circle on each pc put up around the pipe with over lap if holes cut clean should have a tight joint


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      jeff has a good suggestion.

      a twin wall type "b" vent requires a 1'' clearance from combustiable materials. the sheet metal trick is non-combustiable. if it's oval vent, the metal firestops are already avaliable. not sure if they come in round? if not, simple to make. you can even use firecaulk to make the seal even better.

      phoebe it is


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        I get the idea. It got me thinking about this. COuld I take round duct work and make "sleeve" that the vent goes inside of and cut a disc for the top and bottom with some air holes? I would run this up higherthan the insulation and then insulated to the "duct sleeve".