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T-stat/duty cycles

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  • T-stat/duty cycles

    I installed a new digital 2 wire thermostat not too long ago, and the instructions fail to explain the "duty cycles".

    the range is from level 2 to 6. how do you figure out the optimal setting?

    i'm perplexed, the thermostat ambient temperature says 69F, but in another room downstairs, my indoor/outdoor temp says the inside temp is 64F

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    Whats the brand name of the T stat?
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      it's an Aube Tech

      here's the link:


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        "...but in another room downstairs,..."

        The stat will only read the temp in the room where it is located. Temps will vary from room to room even on the same floor. In your case you state you are comparing to a room DOWNSTAIRS. With the stat located on the upper elevation it is going to sense the warm air that rises up to that level and will be satisfied before the temp on the lower floor reaches the setpoint.

        Also, you are comparing readings from two different devices, neither of which is very accurate, +/- 2 Deg.F at best. If they were side by side in the same room you would be lucky if they were within 2 Deg. of each other.
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          I realize the different zone temperatures, but with my old T-stat, it never was quite as extreme as it is now.....2 rooms downstairs seperated by 7 deg of difference.


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            Well it could be that the old stat was not as accurate as the new one and the error was in the direction that made the difference appear to be less, when in fact it could have been the 7 deg you see now.
            "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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              What type heat do u have ??? Warm air or hot water ?????
              Also check the differential on the thermostat,,, the rooms will never read the same temp due to widows and outside exposeure.....