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crossing over from plumbing to hvac

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  • crossing over from plumbing to hvac

    Im currently crossing over to the HVAC feild and am wondering what manufacture makes good sheet metal sheers, benders, dove tail tool and other tools that are necisarry for working on duct work. Any information would be wonderful. Thanks in advance

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    I have been in the trade 25 years and I have all malco hand tools with the exception of sheet metal snips. I use craftsman, if you can still find them. they stopped marking craftsman and started useing the sears label.


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      At most supply houses you will find either Midwest, Malco, or Klenk(spelling of this one may be wrong). You cant go wrong with any of these. If you are using these make sure they are not being thrown around where they could be damaged. Most that i see come back for warranty have this abuse. Check to see what the warranty of any of these would be and find out what type of warranty exchange policy they have (some are over the counter and some must be sent back before any exchange warranty is given).


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        I Don't know if you can get them in the USA, but I'm very pleased with "Scantool" from Denmark. Especially their segmented sheet bender can do things you normally use a CNC bender for, and then with special tools! They also make an excellent sheet shears, so if you want tools at the top (heavy) end of manual, or light power driven, then Scantool is hard to beat. Have a look at, mailto;
        Most of my work is done in 1.5mm stainless, which as you know, is in the heavy end for manual tools.