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Flexable ng insted of blck pipe.

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  • Flexable ng insted of blck pipe.

    I've been installing many tankless w.h. and finding it hard to make money and stay competative. One area in the install I'm loosing is gas piping, cutting into 1" and running 3/4 to heater. in most cases this verry time consuming. Thinking about using flex ng line. Any suggestions?

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    personally i use the wardflex flexible gas pipe. but it still takes time to cut in and thread the other pipe. i find i still do end up useing alot of hard black pipe


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      tomgeer, there is at least 3 major brands of csst. (corrigated stainless steel tubing). wardflex, tracpipe and gastite. i prefer gastite.

      other than typically having to size the csst 1 size larger than iron pipe, it can't be beat. i can install csst as fast as i can roll out the tubing and strap it to the joist. as far as a connection to the exisiting steel line, you would need to do this anyways.

      csst cost more than steel, but time is money and saving all the crawling in and out of a crawl space trying to cut and measure is well worth the cost of the materials.

      phoebe it is


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        Thank you for the advice


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          Re: Flexable ng insted of blck pipe.

          i use trackpipe on all of my jobs. i like it better than gastite because of the way it flairs the tube. it is more external than the other systems thus less likley to leak due to burrs
          how is it that so many answers are in the instructions