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Breathe Right or Humidex Units??

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  • Breathe Right or Humidex Units??

    These are ,from what I can tell, an exhuast fan controlled by a humidistat. They are installed in the basement with the fan at floor level. The idea is to move air from the house and the moist air at floor level to the outside.
    A large waterproofing company in our area installs them on every job.
    Anyone familar with them? I was thinking that I could fabricate one with some Grainger parts.

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    Re: Breathe Right or Humidex Units??

    Not sure where you are in the world but it does not sound like a good idea to me. If it only exhausts air with no fresh air intake you will create a negative pressure in the house and could start pulling air down gas appliance (water heater / furnace) exhaust and chimney vents. If you are in a climate like mine you will pull in cold air to replace the warm air. We use HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators), they are plumbed to pull air from all areas of the house and introduce the fresh air back through the furnace ducts.
    How they work