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    I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences, good or bad with Electric Boilers?
    I'm specifically looking at the Burnham Cast Iron model, but am also considering the Seisco SH-11 because its half the price.

    Experiences? Good / Bad? Thoughts?

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    Re: Electric Boiler

    This probably won't be of much help to your situation but the only electric boiler I worked on that had a serious problem (as in fire) was a 'small' one we used to keep an 5000 gal. asphalt tank hot. This feed was 200A @ 480V and the boiler ran 100 PSI steam to all the heat tracing which was wrapped around the piping, valves, etc. in the asphalt system. This was to keep the stuff from rocking up (solidifying) in the lines.

    We were going through pre-operational testing following installation and the lugs where the feeder cables were landed were aluminum (this was early 80s) and the conductors were copper. The repeated heating/cooling caused the lugs to loosen, resistance increased and eventually they caught fire. The Fire Dept. got it out in short order and there was some damage to controls and electrical of course. We got it back up and running in about 4 days after some parts were expedited in.
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