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  • CFM question

    An old pack rat I know has a shed full of old fans and blowers of various types and ages. He says they all work, and if I want one for my shop dust filter, I'm welcome to them.
    My question; is there a way to determine or approximate what cfm a fan will move, or am I just gonna have to do the trial and error thing. I really don't want to drag home a bunch of fans to pick out the one suited to my needs.

    btw I didn't see much in the way of labeling on the few that I looked at.
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    Re: CFM question

    shop pics or dimencions will help me , you can message them to me in private if you like.i have built allot of these for freinds
    how is it that so many answers are in the instructions


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      Re: CFM question

      when you make a dust collector the more cfm the better. what I use is a aprilaire filter with cheap disposable 1" pre filters. check motor amp draw rating on motor rating plate before assembling, then after you bulid your filter restrict air flow if motor it drawing more amps then on rating plate.


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        Re: CFM question

        Hey Res, check out this one, this is probably what your thinking of doing. I will be doing the same this winter. I replaced my furnace last spring and kept the blower unit from the old one, which is pretty much identical to the one in this link. Hope this helps you, if it doesn't, it may just help someone else...

        Oh shoot, wrong link. Well if you need to make a down draft table, here is one ( just about the same kind of set up as an overhead unit).... Sorry about that, I'll search for the over head later on if you need it, if you already have plans, so be it.

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        Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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