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Questions for Hi temp R22

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  • Questions for Hi temp R22

    Beverage and packaged food large walk-in reach-in.

    Two coils.

    3 HP Copeland.

    What is the superheat range, measured about a foot from the compressor?

    What is the superheat range measured at the TXV bulb?

    Aprox what pressure should the system run at close to thermostat set point.

    The system is at 7K ASL.

    Target temp: 36F.

    Any comments will be appreciated.

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    Re: Questions for Hi temp R22

    TXV will self regulate to desired superheat 8-12 deg. With a TXV you need to check with subcool. There are more factors involved with subcool because you need to know the pressure drop involved to get it right. To get the most accurate subcool temp, look at a charging chart or contact manufactor. Subcool can vary from 5-20deg depending on the temps. I've never done refrigeration but it's the same things just with more controls. Best of luck.
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      Re: Questions for Hi temp R22

      Thank you.

      How do I control subcooling?


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        Re: Questions for Hi temp R22

        If your target box temp is 36 degrees you want the evaporator to be about 26. I'd shoot for about 63psig on the low side.