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winter basement question

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  • winter basement question

    I am a first time house owner. I am wondering if the basement will freeze or not during the winter if no heating there? I am in Boston MA and the basement is under ground (beakhead). There are several windows (window wells) in each room. thanks

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    Re: winter basement question

    yes the temp can and will get below 32 degrees but depending on you heat source should be very easy to heat the basement or atleast knock the chill off. but we need more information to competely help you.

    is you heat forced air with floor regersters?

    a boiler in the basement?

    are you basement walls insulated?

    aproximent basement squrare footage?

    if we get some of these answers along with what ever else you can tell us the easyer it is for us to help you.
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      Re: winter basement question

      Should basement walls be insulated? I seem to recall reading that the ground itself makes a good insulator so it's not really necessary.

      Of course, that doesn't account for the bit of wall that's above the ground...


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        Re: winter basement question

        Something to think about for now is to cover the window wells on the inside. Don't go wild but a sheet of thin plywood and a few screws come to mind. You might want to put the clear plastic covers over them outside after cleaning out leaves and such. The idea is to lower heat loss but at the same time allow emergency access.

        As for heating the basement and where you are it needs heat, please post as much info as you can.


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          Re: winter basement question

          Thank you guys.

          The whole story is like this. We just moved in a house and we don't have any experience with a single family house. We lived in apartment before and everything except the electric (not for heating) were covered. Happy and easy.

          Now we have T shape ranch, 1600sqf main floor and same size basement, open stair without doors between main floor and basement. We have oil water heating system (one zone) and central air cooling system. Central air ducts are on the attic. 2/3 of the basement are finished.

          Because of the oil price goes up and up and we are thinking to buy pellet stove to low the cost. We plan to live here until my daughter go to college if possible. Now she is three. If we use pellet stove, we may turn off the oil heating.

          Now we are discussing where to put the pellet stove. If we install it on the main floor, the basement may freeze. If we install it in the basement, we are worry about the main floor may not get enough heat. Buy two pellet stove? maybe not a good idea. Maybe we can put it in the basement and close some doors to guide the hot air flows to upstair and on the main floor we can turn on the central air fan occasionally to make warm air flows to everywhere. Does it work? Is it practical?

          I have another question for you guys. If I guide the hot air from the stove (it has a blower but may not strong enough) to the central air ducts inlet, is it possible to heat whole main floor without the central air fan turn on?



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            Re: winter basement question

            In Boston you should have natural gas available unless you live in the country. Either way I would look at spending the pellet stove money on a more efficient heater gas/propane. Your home insurance will also likely be less as most insurance companies these days are scared to death of ground contamination due to a diesel fuel leak and storing large quantities of fuel in the house. If you stick with the stove idea you will need to run the fan on low to circulate the heat but if the ducts run through the roof and are not extremely well insulated you may not get much warm air, you also need to ensure that there is air flow to the basement or your pipes will freeze, do not let any area of the house get below 50