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still need reline my chimney for an insert pellet stove?

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  • still need reline my chimney for an insert pellet stove?

    I am thinking install an insert pellet stove. The saleman keepes telling me I need reline installation (cost extra $1000). I checked my chimney, I think it is in excellent condition with tile lining. Please see the photos named Chimney 1 and Chimney 2 here:

    the stove spec do have three different options:
    A. Direct connect with outside air;
    B. Direct connect without outside air;
    C. Full reline with outside air;

    My understanding is if the chimney condition is not good, use option C, otherwise option A and B can be used.

    Here is the spec:

    page 14 and 15 specified the installaton.

    I think my chimney condition is good, am I right?

    What is your opinions? I am new to those kind of things. I need your advice.

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    Re: still need reline my chimney for an insert pellet stove?

    It appears your existing clay tile liner is in excellent shape. The only thing I would be concerned about is the size. IMO, it is way to big to accept the tiny 4 inch outlet off your pellet stove. The instructions are a little vague, but it appears they recommend a 6" liner which is roughly 28 square inches. How many square inches is your liner?

    I am not at all familiar with the standards for solid fuel burning appliances. Ask your installer to show you the section of NFPA 211 that shows how much bigger the flue can be than the appliance connection. For gas burning appliances, the number is 7 times. In other words, I am allowed to leave a 3" (7 square inches) water heater vent into a liner which is no bigger than 49 square inches.