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Gas Fireplace Cuts Out

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  • Gas Fireplace Cuts Out

    Usually I'm in the Woodworking section below, but I thought I'd ask the friendly folks up here a question:

    Our gas fireplace has a standing pilot light, and a wall switch to turn fireplace on. The pilot works fine and stays lit; however, the "big fire" will just randomly cut out after running a couple of minutes, then maybe relight after a random amount of time, or not at all. If it cuts out, and I turn off the switch and immediately turn it back on, it usually relights, and starts the whole random cycle again.

    I had a guy check out this problem last year, but he could not recreate the problem at that time.


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    Re: Gas Fireplace Cuts Out

    If the flame goes out completely and comes back on full (no smaller flame indicating lack of gas) I would suggest you have a loose wire between the wall switch and the gas valve.


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      Re: Gas Fireplace Cuts Out

      sounds like it may be a defective control valve.


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        Re: Gas Fireplace Cuts Out

        Does it have a thermostat that controls the fireplace or only by wall switch?

        If it's a newer "vent free" model it will also have an oxygen sensor that's sensing depleted levels and shutting down the gas valve. Turning the swith off and back on will reset it.


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          Re: Gas Fireplace Cuts Out

          More info:

          -It's a 10-year old vented model. I doubt it has a Oxygen sensor. No thermostat, just a wall switch.

          -The flame is either full on or full off--no semi-flame.

          I may pull out my voltmeter this weekend and play with the wiring a bit.