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Rheem Imperial 80+ flame goes out

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  • Rheem Imperial 80+ flame goes out

    I have a Rheem Imperial 80+ and the flame keeps going out. I was having this
    problem last year and was able to fix it by cleaning the flame sensor. However, cleaning the flame sensor has not corrected the problem, nor has
    replacing the sensor itself. With the new sensor the pilot and main burners now stay lit much longer, going out only about 3 times per heating cycle. I have also replaced the batteries in the thermostat (needing replacement) and it still will not correct the problem. What other areas should I check and if I need to take any readings with a meter, what circuits should I check and what should the values be? Thanks.

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    Re: Rheem Imperial 80+ flame goes out

    does the gas supply have a dirt leg or tail pipe nearby? Check for and clean both.

    maybe there is an interruption to the gas supply.


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      Re: Rheem Imperial 80+ flame goes out

      no, it doesn't appear like there is a restriction in the gas line. The furnace will
      run fine for a portion of the cycle and then the burners cut in and out every 15 seconds as if it was a bad flame sensor. Any other ideas anyone?

      Also would appreciate it if someone could post what circuits I should test and what the values should be to see if maybe I have a bad sensor some place or the ignitor control module may be going bad. Thanks for your help.


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        Re: Rheem Imperial 80+ flame goes out

        Is the flame sensor directly in the flame of the burner? Check the exhaust stack for restrictions. If the unit has a fresh air intake, inspect the intake for restrictions as well.


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          Re: Rheem Imperial 80+ flame goes out

          Check the filter... could the unit be cycling on the limit.
          Measure the flame current? Is it borderline?
          Check to make sure the power line coming in has a ground wire and it's connected.
          Do you hear a click before it shuts down?
          I can usually hear the pressure switch click when it opens or closes.