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  • Venting

    I have a workshop with a used house furnace( 100000 btu), it has 5" b-vent that runs straight up, there is approx 14 feet of vent. My question is I want to add a radiant heater, 70000 btu, can I just tee into the existing b-vent from the furnace. I live in Alberta, Canada. Thanks

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    Re: Venting

    I can't believe that you only have a 5" B-vent for a 100,000 BTU furnace. That is borderline, even though straight up. Yes, you can install both into the same flue pipe but you will need to tie in some controls to make sure that only one of them is running at a time. Actually, I don't know if you can legally tie them in, but if they don't run together you should not have a problem.



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      Re: Venting

      To answer your question, more info is needed. Is the furnace fan assit or natural draft? You stated the B vent height is 14ft but what is the length of the vent connector? Is the vent connector single wall or B vent? The radiant heater is no doubt natural draft? Will the radiant heater vent connector be single wall or B vent?
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        Re: Venting

        any radiant heaters i have seen are all fan assuming its a radiant tube. YOU DO NOT WANT TO CONNECT THE TWO NO MATTER WHAT. if it is a radiant tube than the exhaust will have a sertain amount of condensation in it. this will drip to the draft connector and the exchanger of the furnace.
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          Re: Venting

          Common vent capacity:

          15' 5" Type B double wall vent with two or more appliances and single wall connector.

          Fan assist + Fan assist = 189,000btu combined
          Fan assist + Natural draft = 159,000
          Natural draft + Natural draft = 140,000

          If you use double wall vent connectors, the numbers jump up by about 5000 btu.

          So, basically no. Your chimney is not rated to handle that much input.


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            Re: Venting

            Thanks for the info guys, the existing furnace is fan assist. The heater I was looking at is a Calcana tube heater. I was going to vent it out the side wall except the problem I have is it would vent approx 12-14 inches above a metal roof on the shed as the center of the shed has a 14' ceiling and both sides have 8'6" ceilings. I am not sure if that is a problem or not, the manufacturer wasn't sure, he thought the only problem might be the condensation discoloring the roof. Any more input would be appreciated.