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    I have a new fan powered humidifier (Carrier LFP 1418, I think same as last years 1318) and a RiteTemp 8085C thermostat. The thermostat has the capability to control the humidity.

    The humidifier has two wires (both brown) and a sticker on them that states "Caution Do not connect these leads to line voltage" and a standard 110 plug.

    Instructions from the RiteTemp:
    Connect the humidifier control wire to the H terminal on the new RiteTemp thermostat.

    The humidifier instructions:
    Shows both leads going to a 24V coil normally open relay (part HN61KQ120) the other two leads on the relay connect to the C and HUM on the ‘Thermidistat Control’.

    My question is how do I connect this properly, I want to just use the RiteTemp thermostat to control the humidifier and not the supplied manual humidistat? Do I need the relay that is described in the instructions for the humidifier? Is this relay needed if a 'Thermidistat Control' is being used but not with a different kind of thermostat.

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    Re: Humidifier Help

    The information I find on the 8085C does not show it has humidifier capabilities. If you still need some help wiring it, just ask.


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      Re: Humidifier Help

      Unless your thermostat has a built in relay or can supply 24v to the humidifyer, and I doubt it can or does. You will need to install a relay to pull in the humidifyer motor. By the way the the thermostat most likely has you using the H terminal for one of the humidifyer wires and the other goes to common, yes?