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your problem, is the dreaded heavy air

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  • your problem, is the dreaded heavy air

    went on a no heat call and found a large newly remodeled bathroom with tiny sliver of baseboard.(for size of room)

    he never got it to heat. gee, I wonder why? after all he did have his heavy air vent on it.

    they had originally had one of these.

    and his "heating contractor" suggested this compact sexy looking baseboard instead.

    then, for the poultry sum of 800.00 dollars, he installed his trademark heavy air vents on all the rest of the convectors because some of them were hard to vent.

    it's very gracious of him to leave work for other contractors instead of hoarding it all for himself.

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    Re: your problem, is the dreaded heavy air

    Hey, they're combination "heavy air" and drawoffs to purge sediment...yeah...thats it.
    Bill...this one has all the marks of a homeowners DIY...hats off to 'em, as long as it works.