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  • Garage Heater Location

    I would like your recommendation for optimal placement of the gas heater I have purchased for my garage that will be used as my woodworking shop. I want to achieve good heating performance and have a safe set-up.

    Here is the background information:
    • The heater is an HDS45 Modine which has external air intake and exhaust pipes.
    • The heater is to be installed about 7 feet or higher from the floor. It is rated for 27 feet of heat throw.
    • My garage is 26' x 10' with 10' ceiling and is attached to my house on one of the long walls.
    • The garage door is in one of the short walls and there is standard 32" wide entrance door at the other end of the garage.
    • I have a gas fireplace in my basement that exhausts through the wall of the house about 5 feet away from the garage door and about 2 feet above the ground. I am mentioning this because of the potential hazard of sucking exhaust into the garage. I will be sure to have the garage heater air input at least 15 feet away from the fireplace exhaust (and around the corner) so I think that risk is eliminated but I am concerned that the proximity of the fireplace exhaust to the garage door may warrant some restrictions on the placement of the heater that's in the garage.

    Any advice you can give me will be appreciated.
    Thanks, Andrew