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  • filter minder?

    I am looking for a simple air suction device that can be mounted up to 12' from the furnace that tells me when I need to change the filter. I know Johnstone supply has one but the salesman I got couldn't find it. It only costs about 10-12 dollars.
    We have 4 furnaces mounted near the ceiling of our gymnasium in each conrner and it gets old checking them during low use times. I have to get the 15' ladder out and climb each one only to find out they don't need changing.

    To answer the "why in the world do you have that setup" questions; the gym (built in the late '50s) used to be heated by steam through huge squirrel cage fans. When the boiler went down it was deemed the best way to heat and now cool the gym was four forced air units mounted near the ceiling in each corner.
    Thanks for your help. DaveVB
    God Bless You Super Good!!!

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    Re: filter minder?

    Like this?
    We used the General AC-1 for years instead of Space Gard. (I think that's the way they spell it instead of guard) All of the wholesalers we use stopped carrying them, so we had to switch. I remember that they came with a little floating ball type indicator. From their website, it looks like they sell them separately. I don't know if they're set for a fixed duct static, or if you can adjust the scale. I also don't know if you could see this item very well from 15 feet below.

    Grainger ( would probably be glad to sell you a Dwyer manometer with the red gauge fluid and some tubing so you can mount them in an easy to view location. this solution is bound to be pricey though.


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      I think Johnstone still sells General products, so they should be able to get them for you.