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HVAC vents and wiring...

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  • HVAC vents and wiring...

    I'm finishing my basement, and have a couple questions related to HVAC.

    1) Can I connect my basement vents (in ceiling) to the ducting that supplies air to the first floor vents? The first floor vents are connected to ducting hang between floor joists. Doing this would practicly negate the need to add extra ducting runs from the main plenum. If permissible, I would have to add some TEE connectors to the ducting which is hung between the floor joinsts. Also tying into the existing ducts would free up space between joists for can lights.

    2) What size return is needed in the basement? There is a return (16 x 20) on the first floor.

    3) Does the return location matter? Where it would be easiet to install the return is on the "woodshop" side of the basement, and it doesn't make much sense to pull in sawdust an noise from there. Instead I'd like to extend the return duct to another area of the basement which should have less dust and noise

    4) Finally, does thermostat wiring need to be spliced in a junction box? The installers rounted the wiring around some engineered beams instead of drilling holes. I'd like to relocate the wiring so as to hang drywall flush with the bottom of the floor joists/beams. I know 110v wire requires access to junction boxes - but I can't find any documentation about low voltage wire.



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    Re: HVAC vents and wiring...


    While it is possible to tee off the existing runs from the main trunk lines, it is not recommended and is most likely against code. It would also perform poorly. Use separate runs from the trunk lines for your basement - just like the HVAC contractor did for the main floor.

    I'm not an HVAC guy but I wouldn't pull air for a cold air return from a dusty area - install the cold air return to pull from the cleaner, less dusty side of the basement. Others can give you advice on the size of the cold air returns but they will need the room dimensions.

    The low voltage wiring does not need to be spliced in junction boxes - the splices do need to be insulated so use wire nuts.


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      Re: HVAC vents and wiring...

      Thanks for the information!