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Thoughts on supply/return in basement?

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  • Thoughts on supply/return in basement?

    I have a one story ranch house with a finished basement in progress. While I'm at it, I'm having a central a/c system installed in two weeks. The install will include all of the duct work, plus condenser, air handler, etc.

    Is it worth the added cost to drop one supply and one return to the basement area for air circulation in the house? This will require going through two closets.

    If it's a good idea, here's an addtional question: I read somewhere that returns should be close to the ground in a basement. Good idea? All of the rough framing is done, so could they run a return duct down between the studs to the floor?


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    Re: Thoughts on supply/return in basement?

    to # 1 yes put AC in the basement it is damp down there and the AC will dry it out

    as far as a high or low return it should not make a difference with a 7ft ceiling .now if it was a 8 to 10 ft then you go with a high / low .in the summer time you use the high return to pull the heat off the ceiling and in the winter to use the low to pull the heat down to the floor

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      Re: Thoughts on supply/return in basement?

      Thanks for the quick response.

      Wanna take a guess at how much it will add to the cost? The basement is only rough framed right now, so there is easy access down there.

      I have a call in to the installer to talk more about this.