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Need help with Carrier 58PAV problem

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  • Need help with Carrier 58PAV problem


    I have a problem with my Carrier 58PAV. Typicaly inducer motor with jerk for a moment in the beginning and then immediately stop. The unit then displays error code 31. I called a service guy couple of months ago. He replaiced inducer motor and everything worked for a while. Then the problem came back. Sometimes the unit will turn on and sometimes not. I've checked the error code. It says inducer motor, start capacitor or a pressure valve problem.

    I also put the system to test mode. It's supposed to turn inducer, ignitor and blower for 10 sec each. In this mode inducer just jerked and stopped immediately as well.

    Not sure if it's a problem but insteat of 24VAC the system shows 25.6 VAC.

    I tried to isolate the problem to a specific component.

    - Capacitor
    I checked schematics and looks like the capacitor is not connected to inducer motor and only connected to blower motor which operates fine. Please, let me know if I'm wrong here. I've found only one big oval capacitor 370VAC 7.5uF.

    - Inducer motor
    I've got a new one (complete assembly with motor, wheel, etc.) already

    - Pressure sensor
    I checked it and the valve never gets open (always disconnects the circuit). I tried to bypass it for a test and the system gave me code error 23 (pressure valve never opens). I could not find any reference to how it's supposed to behave.

    I'm still mostly suspesious about the valve. Will appreciate any help.

    thank you

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    Re: Need help with Carrier 58PAV problem

    I think that I've found an answer on another forum. It looks like a known problem with the circuit board.



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      Re: Need help with Carrier 58PAV problem

      CArrier PAV and WAV furnaces are having a real bad time with cracked heat exchangers! The upper front dimples are were you will find the crack. Try taking out the high limit, use a flashlight or put your finger in their and feel. If you have an edge it's cracked. The other place to check is the outside front dimples meaning which ever your first and last burners.
      Sometimes the crack will open up enough when the furnace heats up and the pressure switch drops out.