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Heil DC90 hooking up AC question...

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  • Heil DC90 hooking up AC question...

    My brother has a Heil DC-90 furnace that we installed last winter. It was used out of a house that was being demolished. Unit works awesome and saved him a ton of money this winter vrs his old unit. But, the house we pulled it out of didnt have A/C and his old unit did. We left the upper plenum with the condenser for the old furnace, but never hooked up the coil wire from the AC compressor. The unit didnt come with a manual, and there is no wire diagram, so we are trying to figure out where to hook up the coil wire so his AC works. Heil doesnt have any manuals online at all, so I was wondering if any of you guys could help us out. I know its simple, I just dont remember what to hook what up to.

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    Re: Heil DC90 hooking up AC question...

    Think we got it figured out. hooked one of the wires from the coil to the common, and the other to the Yellow connection on the curcuit board and it seems to work as it should. We hooked it up just like the Pulse furnace is and that seems to work perfectly.