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York blower runs 2 mins. on, 2 mins off

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  • York blower runs 2 mins. on, 2 mins off

    A relative has a York furnace, but labeled as Central Environmental Systems horizontal furnace/AC that's about 12-13 years old.
    I do most of the work, but unfortunately, the husband had a pro come in for a yearly checkup.
    Since then, with the heat or AC on the blower motor runs at startup for 5 minutes, then shuts off for 2 minutes, runs for two minutes. This repeats itself continuously.
    The outside AC compressor doesn't shut off in this cycle. I replaced the thermostat [Honeywell Chronotherm] with a working but used one & no change. I altered the delay settings on the circuit board on the furnace, but that made no difference.
    Any ideas before a different service man is called?