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Heat Pumps

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  • Heat Pumps

    I hope it isnt to offending to post such a elementary question here, but I was in on a heat pump install recently and actually am not quite sure of the function of it, the first person I asked said it was for AC the second said it was used for heating, does it actually serve a dual purpose? I was trying to find some info by looking online and found a site that talked about supplemental heat strips could be installed in them which leads me to believe that it is for heating.
    Thanks for any info

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    Re: Heat Pumps

    They do both heat and A\C. For a demonstration video go to they have a nice little primer there that explains in a few minutes of wathching what would take me three paragraphs.


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      Re: Heat Pumps

      it is for AC and heat

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        Re: Heat Pumps

        The heat pump you have is a unit which uses the compressed gas cycle to remove heat from one area and transfer it to another area. In a simple cooling unit, the indoor coil removes heat from the indoor air...cooling the house....and transfers that heat to the great outdoors. The heat pump unit actually reverses the flow of the refrigerant gas, and removes some heat from the great outdoors ( yes, even if it is only in the 30's outside, there is heat energy in the air, and the physics of the gas cycle allows it to extract some of that heat) and transfers it to the indoor air.

        For various reasons, there are times when the heat pump is only partly effective, or not effective at all. For those times, your system may employ some basic electrical strip heaters to provide the backup heat.


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          Re: Heat Pumps

          Thanks for the replys, I went to the danfoss site and read several articles, I need to gain a better understanding on alot of this stuff, so much to learn, so little time.
          Thanks again for the replys