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Any efficiency ideas?

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  • Any efficiency ideas?

    I came up with this idea recently - not sure if it's been thought of before - probably. You guys all know air to air heat pumps. They are relatively efficient and a much cheaper option than geo, but they don't fair as well in very cold temperatures where geo shines due to much warmer ground temperatures. So the idea I came up with is since HRV (Heat Recovery ventilators) aren't typically *that* efficient (assuming you have one in your house) - in the 70-80% range, at least in North America, to position the exhaust near the air to air heat pump and then build a sorta well ventilated shed around the air to air heat pump. Also position any bathroom fan exhausts in this area as well potentially. Only problem with this idea is heat pumps typically move a sh*tload of air compared to what an HRV or bathroom fan would put out so they would be minimal gains or differences in this scenario. But I guess it was worth a shot...

    Have you guys ever installed an economizer or anything along those lines? Is there anything you can do with dryer ducts to pick up the residual heat from them?

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    Re: Any efficiency ideas?

    i don't have the foggiest about the of that heat pump stuff. i know the therory, never worked on one.

    but i would like to make a comment on the heat recovery do-dads i've seen on the market for dryer vents. we can't use them up here because it increases the risk of mold in the house.

    our building code standards are based on the ablerta building codes because that province closely matches our climate conditions for a short period during the coldest months of the year.

    extremely airtight designs have been developed through out the years. somethings work, many don't.

    we have been finding out up here that if a house is too tight, mold will thrive if air is not exhanged via mechanical means. air/humidity control.

    if the air exchange/humidistat systems are maintained, no problems up here.

    however, it has been my experience that the homeowner/landlord will pay for repairs to the systems at first. then the priorities change. regular maintenance and repairs are ignored.

    it's my opinion that we are going to an awful lot of trouble trying to recover all the heat going out that we have to control the humidity level in the airtight house.

    mechanical sysytems designed to keep the system balanced in high-efficiency houses end up unrepaired or un-repairable.

    then the mold starts. children get respitory problems such as infections and allergies.

    kind of ironic that because the house doesn't naturally breath anymore, neither can the occupants.

    just a thought on efficency & technology.