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  • A Flexing Question

    Looking for info on how the rest of the HVAC world views flexible duct (flex duct). We use it a great deal here in Kentucky, and if it is installed correctly with the right collars, supports, and means of attachment, then it works fantastic. There are various thicknesses of insulation that you can get, as well as different types of jackets on the flex for different applications. Holler back with you input.

    Later, Jonesy

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    Re: A Flexing Question

    maybe i'm a little old school Jonesy, but i prefer the ridgid(tm) duct or pipe.

    my reasons;

    smooth bore=less friction=less energy input=less money to operate=more money in the pocket. that is if all of the connections have to be sealed properly.

    it as permanent as permanent can be.

    it cleans well when a compressor is used in conjuction with that big vaccum i've seen used to clean forced air heating sysytems. that's the cat's meow.

    just my thoughts.


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      Re: A Flexing Question

      We allow our guys to run a maximum of 3 feet of flex to a supply diffuser.

      Personally, I do not like it.

      My home is 100 percent ridgid duct.


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        Re: A Flexing Question

        I prefer rigid duct but flex is all over the west. Most project I see the flex is poorly supported, pulled to tight around corners and improperly attached. The only plus for flex duct is the sound deadening aspect.

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          Re: A Flexing Question

          It is used here in attics. It works fine for that when properly sized and installed. In the south it seem like guys run it in basements. Im used to seeing/installing hard duct and pipe in basements, so it looks sleazy to me.