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  • wiring blower motor

    Hello, I really appreciate your help - I acquired a furnace blower and motor to use for dust in my shop, but there is no wiring diagram or brand/model and the wires seem a little different than other descriptions on this forum. I have seven wires total coming out of the motor.
    There are two purple/white stripes that run to a capacitor mounted on the cage. The other five are not hooked up. There is a black, white, Red/White, Yellow/White, and Brown/White. I would guess white is common, black is high speed, yellow stripe is medium, and red stripe is low speed. If so, what is the brown stripe (there is only one)? Do I need another capacitor in addition to the one hooked to the purple/white striped wires?

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    Re: wiring blower motor

    i believe you should be able to cap off brown and white striped wire and use blk. and white for power,.....does motor not have wiring diagram on it?