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turning down the thermostat

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  • turning down the thermostat

    i'm sure this has probably been discussed before.

    i've put alot of thought into this and this is what i've come up with.

    turning down the thermostat before you leave the house or at night saves energy according to the energy people.

    this only delays the first fire up of the appliance after the thermostat is turned down.

    is this because the heat exchanger isn't heated to maintain the lower set temperature until the thermostat calls for heat compared to maintaining the current set temperature? but only that one time?


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    Re: turning down the thermostat

    The savings come from the fact that the smaller the difference between the outside temperature and inside temperature the less thermal transfer there will be. If we take the example to the extreme, set the thermostat to 50° F and the outside temp is 50° F the furnace will never come on.


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      Re: turning down the thermostat

      I have an all electric house with a heat pump. I've experimented over the years, and decided "for me" setting back the thermostat is not an efficient cost savings. If the difference between the day and night temps are greater than 2-3 degrees, then when the thermostat changes to the higher setting, the heat pump can't cope, and turns on the heat strips. Since these are basically four 7500 watt toasters, I'm wasting more energy than I'm saving during the night. Changing the temp less than the 2-3 degrees that trips the heat strips doesn't seem to be a noticable savings on my electric bill. So I just leave the thermostat at the same setting all winter.

      Now, if you just lower the thermostat 5 degrees or whatever and leave it like that, then yes, there is a savings, at the expense of comfort. Everyone has a different tolerance level for what's comfortable.