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Dayton G73 Electric heater

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  • Dayton G73 Electric heater

    This heater is rated at 5000 watts and 17100 btu on 240 volts. I have read many reviews that this will nicely heat a 2 car garage that is well insulated. I have a 1 1/2 car, 20x24, 8 ft walls, open ceiling with 12 ft peak. Ceiling insulated 6 1/4 inch & walls with 3 1/2inch. Has 7x9 door that is reasonably tight. Most calculators I have used show 50000 btu with average insulation and 25000 with good insulation. This with 40 degree increase. Inside temp without heat is running 10-13 degrees above outside and a 1500 watt heater warms it up another 5-8 degrees. I won't be out there below zero. Will this heater likely keep it around 45-50 inside at near zero outside? Anyone using this heater in similar situation? Iowa weather, so can get pretty cold. thanks triker