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HVAC or pest control

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  • HVAC or pest control

    When vacuuming the floor vents for the heat/AC I noticed what appear to be mouse droppings in several room vent ducts.

    No mouse problem in the house, but I’ve trapped about 3 of the little rascals in the garage during the 2 years we’ve lived here.

    Floor vents are metal with fins too closely spaced for mice to squeeze through from the inside.

    Home is aprox 20 years old, crawl space (where the duct runs are) with a Heil brand A/C and Heil heat pump.

    My main concern is having mouse “stuff” blowing into the house when the A/C or heat fans run, and also potential lost energy to the crawl space if the ducts have openings (holes/tears) where mice are entering.

    Do I need to call an HVAC servicer, pest control company, or both?

    Is this a common problem with forced air systems? We come from “up North” where hot water baseboard or in-floor radiant heat is common, and central A/C units are rare.


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    Re: HVAC or pest control

    You'd be surprised at how small of a hole a mouse can fit though. I've been told they can fit through holes the size of a pencil if not smaller. Its sometimes hard to tell if you have or had a mouse problem. I'd try putting some traps out inside the house first. If you don't have anything in a couple of days, they probably aren't there anymore. Next step is to get the duct work cleaned cleaned out. There are some companies that will use a camera in the duct work, so you may be able to find any entry ways as well.

    Good luck!


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      Re: HVAC or pest control

      Maybe the mice think the vents are their own little privy. You know, they don't want to defile THEIR living space so they sit on the vents and let it go down the duct.
      Hey, I think we've found another use for the Ridgid SeeSnake. Call your plumber and let him camera your ducts to see how bad the situation is and maybe he can find the mouse entrance as well.
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        Re: HVAC or pest control

        That's good information.
        Thanks guys.