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  • L8148E Aquastat and Vision Pro TH 8000 wiring

    I live in a duplex with a common boiler with the vision pro in the other unit and my unit has a remote sensor. My question is first of all can I have two thermostats in parallel (one in each unit) or a bypass when the thermostat is off can i put an override to turn the boiler on?

    Thanks for an help

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    Re: L8148E Aquastat and Vision Pro TH 8000 wiring

    You should be able to parallel them no problem.

    I would stay away from trying to engineer a "bypass" or an "overide" since the twin thermostsats will do what ya need.

    Keep in mind that if the heating zones are not set up as independant zones ( I'm thinking not by your current control set up) having two stats may set up a temperature war with your neighbor...

    Just make sure the stats are wired same-same

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      Re: L8148E Aquastat and Vision Pro TH 8000 wiring

      The Honeywell TH8000 can have 2 sensors attached to give a temperature average between the 2


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        Re: L8148E Aquastat and Vision Pro TH 8000 wiring

        That stat cannot sense temperature from a remote, and its internal sensor at once. Its either one or the other. When setting up that stat, if you enable the remote temp selection, it automatically disables the internal stat sensor. Kinda silly to have the controller in your neighbors apartment and have it sense temp from yours.

        PC's idea about averaging is great, but a funny thing about that C7189U1005 remote sensor is you can only have 1, 4, or 9 sensors. When using multiple sensors they have to be wired in series parallel combinations. The few times I have needed 2 sensors, to help even out the up/down temps in 2 story houses, Ive actually bought 4 and combined the guts into 2. This way I didnt have 2 mounted right next to each other on each floor.

        Wiring 2 stats in parallel isnt going to change anything. Either you or your neighbor is still going to be uncomfortable.