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  • Furnace Motor Wiring

    OK guys I'm new to the forum and I'm really needing some help. After about 15 yrs. my blower motor gave up on me : ( I went and bought a replacement motor but the wiring is different.

    On the old motor I have 5 wires. Black = High, Red = Low, 2 Brown = Run Cap, Purple = I'm pretty sure common. (2 Speed Motor)

    New motor Has 6 Wires. White = Common, Black = High, Blue = Med, Red = Low, 2 Brown = Run Cap. (3 Speed Motor)

    On the old motor the black and purple wires were used and the red was not connected. Purple went to a breaker.

    I think but not sure that I would use White wire in place of the Purple wire. I just don't want to make a very expensive mistake.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Furnace Motor Wiring

    Yes the white will be the same as the purple. Black is black. Red is Red. Cap wires are the same. Wire nut the blue medium speed if you are not using it. Did you replace the old run capacitor as well? If not, make sure the new motor's run capacitor requirements are the same as the old motor. I like to replace the run cap anytime I replace a blower or fan motor. Good luck. Later, Jonesy


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      Re: Furnace Motor Wiring

      Man you are a life saver : ) I figured the White would replace the Purple but, these motors are not cheap and I did not want to make a mistake. I did replace the run cap with a new one. The guy at the place where I bought the motor recommended it and he matched it up for me. The only thing I can not figure out is why G.E. would use a purple wire for a common? That goes against everything I have learned about electrical. Anyway Thanks again for the quick reply.


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        Re: Furnace Motor Wiring

        Is it a 240 volt motor? If so then black, blue, red, purple, or yellow might be used as the "common" side of the motor. This wire would carry 120 volts all the time. Later, Jonesy