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cfm, btu, what?

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  • cfm, btu, what?

    I am trying to find out how strong of furnace I need. My house was built in 86, and the furnace gave out. We are trying to get it replaced inexpensively, but still properly.
    We had someone come and they put in a Goodman MBR0800AA-1AA. I was told by someone else that it was not actually 'big enough' to efficiently heat my house. When I tried googling for info, I found a chart that said I need 1200 cfm not 800, but somewhere else said something about btu's and ton's. it is all absolutely foreign to me. I also found this site.
    My house is 1260 sqft, the furnace is electric and in the garage. I live in the northwest. Is that Goodman big enough?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: cfm, btu, what?

    The installing contractor should have done a heat loss calculation to determine the needs of the house. This number would have been in BTUH, but would need converted to KW to size an electric furnace. 1KW is roughly 3414 BTU. If your heat loss was 80,000btu, you would need roughly 24KW in electric resistance. CFM's and ton's relate more to the cooling side.



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      Re: cfm, btu, what?

      get a heat loss by a pro