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Trane XR80 furnace question

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  • Trane XR80 furnace question

    I installed a new trane XR80 high efficiency furnace this past summer along with a A/C which the house never had prior.
    The old furnace was also a trane.. changed it out since it was too tall for an a/c coil in our basement.
    trane xr80 high effeicency (acutally 80%). 80,000 BTU's
    This furnace only puts out 115* air temp at the plentium. The cold air return temp is 75*. The old furnace put out 130* temp. Does high efficiency heating just mean less heat??? So in the longer duct runs my heat is even less than that.
    The contractor that I bought the unit from said they have had complaints about low air temp also recently. I guess the newer models are built this way.
    Is this normal??? There is no limiter dial to adjust. Is there a setting that can be change to get more heat??

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    Re: Trane XR80 furnace question

    What speed is your blower running on? (may take a bit of investigating on your part to find out)...

    It sounds like you are moving the air to quickly across the exchanger.

    Slow the air down= higher plenum temperatures

    Air to slow= high limit fault

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      Re: Trane XR80 furnace question

      the blower speed is on the factory setting. I heard that might help but haven't changed it yet to see if that helps.
      thanks of the input.


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        Re: Trane XR80 furnace question

        Let's see if I remember...

        Red or Blue from the motor (Low or medium low) should be connected to the Heat or Low Tap on the fan control board.

        Black is almost always high and should be connected to the cooling or high tap.

        This is a generalization of course as your brand may be different

        Good luck and let us know how it goes...



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          Re: Trane XR80 furnace question

          You are right on. Black is high and on the cooling terminal. Here's the temps I got with the different settings.
          blue is med/high 115* at plentium
          yellow med/low 125* at plentium
          red is low. 138* at plentium.

          I tried both yellow and red. I have it on low now... other two in park position. Much more comfortable in the rooms now.
          surpising Trane has the blue Med/high as it's factory setting.
          thank you very much for the advice.