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  • Furnace woes...Bryant plus 80

    Last night our Bryant natural gas furnace started acting funny (14yrs old). When the blower would go to kick on, it took longer to start up. It did not whine, but it sounded like it was struggling. Then when it kicked off, we heard high pitch screeching sounds. Then later, when we were asleep, we awoke to a plastic burning smell. Kind of reminder me of a vacum cleaner belt getting hung up on a rug. It is still working, not making the screech sounds or anymore burning smell.

    Personally, I think the blower motor is wearing out. But I am a plumber, and I cant find the water shutoff to the unit...

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    Re: Furnace woes...Bryant plus 80

    Sounds like a blower to me as well but could be a few other oddball things as well..

    Best bet is to have an HVAC service tech have a look at it unless you are sure it is the blower and are comfortable changing it out



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      Re: Furnace woes...Bryant plus 80

      Just pull the blower and check it out. It comes out pretty easily.

      If you do decide to hire a HVAC guy call one two hours away from you. When his gives you a price after he figures out what is going on just remember to negotiate with him. Tell him your dog died and the car is broke down and you just had it worked on 12 years ago. That should bring the price right down.
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        Re: Furnace woes...Bryant plus 80

        All done. I went to a heating shop, the tech installed the new motor, capacitor in the old housing and I went home, and installed it. Cost total was $139 for labor and parts, $10 tip. I feel a lot better now. Thanks for the help and input.