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  • Heating gargae

    Hey guys, I recently finished my garage. To heat it I was considering tapping into the ductwork on my exisiting gas furnace that heats the house. I wasn't going to put a cold air return in or a thermostat. Just when the heat kicks on will the garage will recieve heat. I have a kersosene heater now but don't like to leave it on when I'm not out there with it. Plus, I'm not sure if the temperature going from one extreme to the next is to good either.

    The garage is an attached 20'x20' that is insulated (including the garage door) and sheetrocked. My gas system is made by Goodman is approximatley 5 y/o and heats a 1700' s.f. house. Thanks for any help. John

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    Re: Heating gargae

    Not legal where I am. Fumes from the garage (Car exhaust, solvent fumes) Can easily travel back through the duct work, and exit at other supply heat runs in the house. Not safe IMO, and I wouldn't do it.
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      Re: Heating gargae

      Not even sure where to start on this one...

      To avoid alot of possible problems I would go get a small electric space heater...



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        Re: Heating gargae

        there are small natural or propane heaters
        try looking at the Hot Dawg heater

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          Re: Heating gargae

          Thanks for the info. I will look into the alternatives suggested instead.